Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thanks for the memories!

It is time for me to face the music and shut the doors of Knús Eco-friendly Tango Clothing. It has been an exciting journey and I thank you all, customers and interested parties, for sharing the experience and helping to make it a reality. Various factors have led me to make this decision - difficulty in getting consistent supplies in small quantities plus the high cost of shipping and traveling and local taxes made it not really economically feasible. I have learned a lot - about starting and running a business, about clothing design and fabrics, about the clothing industry and where it stands concerning environmental issues. I have traveled to many tango festivals and events and had a great deal of fun! So no regrets. And hopefully, I have managed to spread a little bit of enlightenment about our purchasing choices and creating a sustainable world.

 On to other projects!

 And remember...the rest of my stock is 50% off!

 ps...there is a chance that I will create a second line of Knús men's trousers in linen if there is enough interest. Please enquire if you'd like to receive updates about this.

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  1. Sorry I missed your original offers. I'd be interested in linen tango trousers should you be making them. Thanks.